LittleTiger's Big Adventure

A fun book for for kids from 5 to 95. Little Tiger’s lings for adventure but hesitates to take that first step away from the safety of his own backyard. With advice and a little nudging from  Keesha, a wise Siberian Husky, Little Tiger as he faces his fears and stets out to journey across the big lake. This is a story about the adventure that awaits you if you listen to your heart, face your fears, and dare to take that first step.

Little Tiger learns that you don’t have to travel across the world to have an adventure. Adventure is in your own neighborhood. You just have to look around you, have the courage to take the first step, and listen to the small voice inside you that says, “Lets go!”.

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Little tiger and I have had many amazing times exploring together through the snow and sun. Little tiger continues to bring joy,creativity, inspiration and fun into my life and even came with me on my honeymoon cruise this year! I invite everyone to let little tiger into their hearts...leave tracks together in the wonderful path that is life.
Leesh Andrews
I really enjoyed reading Little Tiger's Big Adventure, a fun story with a great message. I recommend it for everyone!
Debby Potts
This is such a lovely little story. It is an easy read and perfect for this time of year - Winter. The pictures just warm your heart and make you smile. I would suggest this for all ages.
Kristi Soli
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all had friends, relatives or even strangers like Keesha who could inspire us to use our imagination so we might seek and find adventures in our own simple way like Tiger did, thanks to Keesha.
Rosemary C

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