The origins of the story

The word in my Skype writer group prompted these words to fly out of me, much too long for a Skype post. I felt on fire as the story flowed into me. A Gift of Christmas Song grew from this post: Power failed Christmas Eve as the wind drove snow into wild drifts that soared […]

Glacial Joy

The heavens opened with a gift that sent almost all of us on the Kenai roads off the road or we’d crash into one another or drive off a cliff. “Rainbow!” I yelped to Keesha and swerved off to the side of the road. “Wow.” Farther down the road I had to swerve again. “A […]

How to Shiver from the Bottom of Your Heart

You want to know how to experience something so moving that it makes the bottom of your heart shiver. I can tell you. First, you need to enter your heart’s dwelling, throw open the shutters, blow dust off the tables, and notice her there, red and black, quivering, gazing at you. Then open the door, […]


Hope appears as a sliver of rose on the horizon after a night of lightning flashes and ground rumbling thunder. Hope whispers, “I can” after days, weeks, or years of believing you can’t. Hope nudges you out the door for a walk after too many days on the couch. Hope encourages your fingers to write […]