Hope appears as a sliver of rose on the horizon after a night of lightning flashes and ground rumbling thunder.

Hope whispers, “I can” after days, weeks, or years of believing you can’t.

Hope nudges you out the door for a walk after too many days on the couch.

Hope encourages your fingers to write the first word on a blank page.

Hope breathes courage deeply into your lungs so you can tell your parents, your friends, your co-workers, “I’m gay.”

Hope energizes you to make one more call to help defeat the MN amendment that would exclude LGBTQ+ people from marriage.

Hope holds your hand as you say goodbye to a partner and start life alone.

Hope says yes to welcoming a new puppy into your life.

Hope applauds as you send your writing, artwork, songs into the world.

Hope lives in a seed that carries the memory of what it takes to become a tree.

Hope lives in your heart and remembers the beautiful, unique being you are.

Hope grieves with you.

Hope fills you with gratitude for life’s many blessings.

Hope says I love you to life.

Hope says I love you.


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